Early Childhood NEWSlink: March 2015 Issue

March is National Nutrition Month!

Putting the Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children into Practice
by Ann Rosenthal

Early childhood teachers and care providers play an important role in the lives and development of the children in their care. In many cases, children eat more meals with care providers and other children than they do with their parents. Teachers and providers can promote healthy diets by offering children a variety of food choices and food experiences. Children who learn early in life how to make wise food choices and develop good eating habits and healthy attitudes about food will enjoy the benefits for the rest of their lives.

Interesting Facts about St. Patrick's Day

Bet you didn’t know these 5 things about Saint Patrick’s Day!

  • March 17 is when Saint Patrick died, not when he was born.
  • Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish; he was actually Roman and his parents lived in Scotland or Wales.
  • Saint Patrick’s color is blue, not green, as is commonly believed.
  • The shamrock is not the symbol of Ireland. It’s the harp!
  • Your odds of finding a four-leaf clover are 1 in 10,000!

In our our new Nutrition Kit, you'll find a variety of nutrition-themed materials for hands-on learning. The kit supports math, science, language and social emotional skills and has everything from books to play food to puzzles to felt sets! It even comes with an Excellerations® My Healthy Plate Magnetic Activity Set!

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