Arts in Education Week: Colorful Solar System!

Today we celebrate Art in Science in honor of Art in Education Week.

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This is a 45 minute illuminating activity for school-age children to help teach students about our solar system and properties of light.


  • To gain understanding of our solar system
  • To explore properties of color and light

 Before You Start:

Gather needed materials: large art paper, colored cellophane, BioColor® Paint, scissors, tape and a flashlight.

Let's Begin:

  1. With a dark color, have children fingerpaint over a sheet of art paper until it is covered.
  2. Once the paper has completely dried, cut out circular holes for the sun and each planet.
  3. Tape colored cellophane to the back of each hole to represent each planet.
  4. In a darkened room, shine a flashlight on the back of the paper and witness the colored planets appear from the cellophane.


This activity may be done on a very large piece of butcher paper as a classroom project to produce one large solar system. This activity may also be done for constellations, leaving cut or punched holes open for white light.

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