Arts in Education Week: Facial Fractions!

Today we celebrate Art in Math in honor of Arts in Education Week!

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Facial Fractions!

This is a 30 minute activity for school-age children that uses a mathematical approach to body part identification.


  • To explore basic fractions
  • To explore basic shapes that can be created by folding paper in halves and quarters
  • To develop fine motor skills

Before You Start:

Gather needed materials: construction paper in a variety of colors (including multicultural colors), scissors and glue.

Let's Begin:

  1. Let children chose several colors of construction paper, including colors appropriate for skin tones.
  2. Create facial features by folding paper in halves and quarters to cut out symmetrical pieces. For example, cut a half circle out of a paper folded in half to create a complete circle for a head when unfolded. Repeat for nose, hair, etc.
  3. Have each child glue their cut out facial features together to create a self-portrait.
  4. Have students display their completed self-portraits and discuss similarities and differences between them.


For a more advanced activity, have children use the principals of fractions to create a complete body with arms and legs. This activity can also be great for improving self-concept.

Product Recommendations:

9" x 12" Heavyweight Construction Paper (#9CP)

World Colors Paper - 50 Sheets (#9WP)

Colorations® Blunt Tip Scissors (#CBS)

Colorations® Washable Glue Sticks (#PSGSTK)

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