Arts in Education Week: Colors of Carnations

Today we celebrate Art in Science in honor of Art in Education Week.


With Colorations® Liquid Watercolors, you can turn simple white carnations into a bouquet bursting with color!


  • To encourage children to experiment with color!
  • To introduce the simple science behind why we put cut flowers in water and how flowers use that water

Before You Start: Gather all materials needed for activity: carnations, Colorations® Liquid Watercolor, test tubes, scissors and water.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Trim the flower stems at an angle (trim while holding the stem underwater to prevent air bubbles into the stem tube. Air in the stem prevents full fluid saturation).

Step 2. Add Colorations Liquid Watercolor® to each container of water. The more Liquid Watercolor® you use, the more vivid the colors will be. The colors really pop if you use Liquid Watercolors® full strength; use a mix of Liquid Watercolors® and water for a softer, pastel hue.

Step 3. Place one flower in each container. Check throughout the day to see if the colored water is visibly changing the flowers. Within 8-12 hours, the carnations should have wicked up enough liquid to have changed color, although the flowers will start to show a hint of color within an hour.

Furthermore: This project can altered to fit science curriculum - explore color mixing, wicking and more.

Products You May Need:

Check back tomorrow to celebrate Art in Language and Literacy with us!

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