Arts in Education Week: Vocabulary Collage

Today we celebrate Art in Language and Literacy in honor of Arts in Education Week.

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This is a  30 minute activity for school-age children that provides a unique approach to boosting vocabulary comprehension.


  • To build vocabulary skills
  • To expose children to environmental print

Before You Start:

Gather needed materials: heavy art paper, scissors, glue sticks and various magazines, newspapers and catalogs.

Let's Begin:

  1. Have each child choose a vocabulary word or any descriptive word to explore.
  2. Provide the children with a variety of printed materials and let each child locate and cut out images that relate to his or her chosen word.
  3. Have children create collages by gluing their cut images onto art paper.


For younger children, this activity can be done with letters of the alphabet by having children search for pictures that begin with the chosen letter. For older children, action verbs can be used by having the children search for examples of the chosen action.

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