Arts in Education Week: Rules to Live By!

Today we celebrate Art in Social Emotional Development in honor of Arts in Education Week.

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This is a  30 minute activity for school-age children to introduce and reinforce classroom rules.


  • To reinforce classroom rules through illustration and discussion
  • To engage in a collaborative project
  • To create a unique classroom object

 Before You Start:

Gather needed materials: crayons or markers, art paper, a one-hole punch and a metal ring.

Let's Begin:

  1. As a class, discuss the rules of the classroom and the importance of rules.
  2. Using markers and art paper, have children illustrate the rules that they think are the most important to follow in the classroom. Several children may choose the same rule, but be sure that all important classroom rules are covered.
  3. When the illustrations are complete, have the children share their drawings and explain why they each chose their individual rules.
  4. Gather all of the illustrations, punch a hole in the corner of each and place them on a ring. Hang the ring somewhere in the classroom as the "Classroom Guidelines." Whenever students are struggling with a rule, have a child show that rule's illustration and explain why it is important.


This activity can be very helpful when a group is struggling with following class rules. The created classroom guidelines can be useful throughout the rest of the year whenever a reminder of the rules is needed.

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