Circle Time: Get Creative with Craft Tape!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I am the Business Development Coordinator here at Discount School Supply®. I research outreach opportunities for the sales team and support our Brand Marketing division with new initiatives and social media presence. Recently, our Marketing Communications Coordinator asked me if I’d like to play with some craft tape and write about my experiences with it, and I eagerly said, “Yes!”

Craft Tape, also known as washi tape, is the art supply of the moment, and for good reason! It’s affordable, eye-catching and easy to use! First of all—unlike many other craft materials—craft tape makes no mess and requires virtually no clean-up. This aspect was attractive to me because I find cleaning tedious. You also don’t need any special workspace or materials to create art with this tape—just a flat surface. 

empty holder cropped.jpg

To start my crafting adventure, I cleared off a portion of my desk and opened the box holding all my craft tapes; what an explosion of colors and patterns! I immediately dumped out all the tapes and arranged them in a rainbow so I could admire what I had to work with. I had a full spectrum of bright shades and muted colors, glitter and rhinestone, gold and silver, and black and white. And then I had patterns: owls, flowers, leopard print, tiger stripes, polka dots, zigzags, stars and stripes, to name a handful. With all this variety, I realized I could create something for any occasion, age or gender, further proving the versatility of these tapes. 

For my art piece I decided to decorate my co-worker's pencil holder. I used twelve different craft tapes for my design and from start to finish this craft took me fifteen minutes. The speed at which you can create a brightly-decorated finished product makes this art supply perfect for teachers decorating their classrooms or objects for students. The tape is incredibly easy to use. You can tear off pieces with your fingers or use scissors for a cleaner break. The tape is sticky enough to adhere to most dry surfaces and doesn’t leave behind a gooey residue after being peeled off. This is another perk for teachers who might want to redecorate or change their designs at a later date, as this tape won’t mar the surfaces it sticks to. However, if you choose to use craft tape on paper to create a unique work of art, the tape will not peel off the paper; it’s stuck there for good. (See our blog post about how you can use craft tape to make beautiful works of art!)

In addition to the pencil holder I decorated, I also used the glitter tape to brighten up my sad black clips. The width of the craft tape is the same width as the mini clips and one small piece of tape turned my boring work clips into fun party ones. This is just another quick, easy and affordable way to use this tape to bring in some jazz and color to your office or classroom. We offer 21 different types of craft tape and a couple different tape dispensers to make working with this tape even easier. After crafting with this tape, I understand why it’s the craft topic everyone’s talking about! But don’t take my word for it, get yourself some craft tape and join the taping frenzy!