Monday Memos: Back to School!

Week five of running a school again, and I'm still feeling good!  If my life these days was an infographic it would look something like this:

I love being back in a school.  There's a sense of satisfaction that trumps the feelings of success I met while consulting.  There's also comfort in going "home" to a school after 12 years.  Of course this time I hope to avoid all the mistakes I've made in the past and only make new ones.  How else will I grow? Only time will tell.

Don't let the "start of school" stress get to you! Between phone calls, paperwork and classroom set up, remember to take a break and be good to yourself.

Start a "things to do differently" list now so you'll have the list next year. Contact other directors for second opinions and support.  Share with us your questions, challenges and successes. We're here for you!