Circle Time: Inky Parents

I’m Kevin K and I’m on Discount School Supply’s Web Marketing team. And, I am a proud tattooed parent. My wife and I are collectors of all kinds of art, but the ones we hold dearest are our tattoos. We also have a two-and-a-half-year-old son whom we love and adore. So, it made perfect sense that he would be attracted to and curious about our body art from an early age. A couple of months ago we noticed him pointing to specific pieces on either of us and giggling in delight or asking to see pieces we have while staring in awe at the colors and contrast before him; so, we weren't surprised that he would start wanting to “color” on himself at an early age to imitate Mommy and Daddy.

 At first he would pick up his crayons and try to draw on himself to no avail (skin is not the best medium for crayon, thankfully, and he would get frustrated in the process). This got me thinking: there must be something out there that we can use to “tattoo” him so he has art like Mommy and Daddy (although not as permanently).

 This is where Snazaroo® Face Painting Kit (SNAZAROO) came in. It is completely hypoallergenic, safe for use on sensitive skin, non-toxic, FDA compliant and easy to remove -- a little cold cream, soap and water gets it right off!

As you can see from the photos, the paint is very easy to work with; just a little water on a brush gives a nice, workable consistency and bold colors that blend well or sit nicely on top of one another, depending on how you apply them.

 My son's "hug life" tummy.

My son's "hug life" tummy.

 Two more tattoos!

 The "tattoos" we made were incredibly easy to apply and left our son feeling like one of the grownups. He had art on his arms like Mommy and Daddy and therefore felt included in all the “grown-up” activities for the day. We feel that’s important to make sure that children are treated with the same respect that we give to one another as adults. We believe that allowing them to express interest on their own at any age is paramount in making sure that they become well-rounded adults with a healthy sense of self and respect for those around them.

Kevin Kovelant SNAZAROO mom.jpg

 People may have different opinions about body art and modifications, but we are raising our son to express himself openly, honestly and creatively. At the end of the day, isn’t that what being a parent and having children is all about?

 Let them express art on all canvases, the body is no exclusion…and the Snazaroo® Face Painting Kit works great on faces, too!