Favorite Review Friday! Colorations® Tropical Colors Liquid Watercolor Paint

Check out this featured review of the Colorations® Tropical Colors Liquid Watercolor Paint, 8 oz. - Set of 8 from a very satisfied Discount School Supply customer in Tulsa.

 Item #  PLWS     Your Price:  $30.99  (before current sale discount)

Item # PLWS

Your Price: $30.99 (before current sale discount)

5-Star Review!

"Love Them!"

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Review: "I use it for dying. I didn't have a problem with staining and the color turned out very bright, loved it!"

Product Overview:
Bring your paintbrush to the tropics! Warm up your palette and create rich, colorful scenes!

  • Set of 8 tropical colors: fuchsia, gray, lime, peach, pink, purple, tangerine and teal
  • Convenient, portable size - 8 oz bottles.
  • Vibrant colors that expand your Colorations® palette
  • With tropical colors, you can create so many exciting projects!
  • AP Certified

Why should you use Colorations® Liquid Watercolor Tropical colors as a part of your Arts & Crafts curriculum?

  • Targets NAEYC Curriculum Content Area for Cognitive Development for Creative Expression and Appreciation for the Arts
  • Provides children with varied open-ended opportunities and materials to express themselves creatively through two and three-dimensional art
  • Gives children an opportunity to develop and widen their repertoire of skills that support artistic expression
  • Promotes development of fine motor skills
  • Targets color recognition skills
  • Encourages self-expression and gives young artists the confidence to expand their creativity, especially when engaging in customizable art
  • Extends learning in the classroom - an art-enriched curriculum will helps kids develop critical thinking skills, as well as give them the tools necessary to promote self-expression and problem-solving skills

Colorations® Liquid Watercolors do not contain the following common allergens:

  • Does not contain Latex
  • Does not contain Dairy & Casein
  • Does not contain Egg
  • Does not contain Gluten
  • Does not contain Peanut & Tree Nut
  • Does not contain Soy

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