Download the QuickSource® App for Free!

Discount School Supply® has added another fantastic app to their iTunes store collection. Now you can get our QuickSource® app along with the popular BioColor® and Kids’ Craft apps—all for free!

QuickSource® was created to help kindergarten-level educators enrich their classrooms.  Each activity is designed to target the expansion of basic skills through creative play and social interaction. Children will strengthen emerging literacy and numeracy skills, as well as speaking and listening skills.

The QuickSource® Kindergarten app from Discount School Supply® features curriculum-focused classroom activities targeted within seven different learning domains: Language, Literacy & Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts and Physical Health & Safety.

QuickSource® is a comprehensive resource tailored to meet educators' specific needs and the needs of the children in their care. When early childhood educators download the free QuickSource® app they will find step-by-step activities, materials lists and outcomes all in one, convenient place.

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While visiting iTunes, download our other free apps--BioColor®, to discover what you can create with the amazing all-in-one paint and Kids’ Crafts, to explore free arts and crafts ideas!