Circle Time! Colorations® Crayons Take the Cake!

In the United States, a child will wear down an average of 730 crayons by his or her tenth birthday; that’s a lot of crayons!

Hi, my name is Jenna and I am the Marketing Communications Coordinator at Discount School Supply®. If you’re familiar with Discount School Supply®, chances are you’re already familiar with our Colorations® brand of arts and crafts supplies. We have watercolor, tempera paints, glue, crafting essentials, dough, stampers, crayons and more! Today, I am going to share with you why Colorations® crayons are just as good, if not better than the more commonly known brands.

For this exercise, I compared our Colorations® Regular Size Crayons (CRRGS, CRRGSIXT, CRS8, CRS16 or COOLPACK) to similar crayons of other brands. I discovered that Colorations® crayons are super smooth, not waxy like some brands. Just like Crayola®, the Colorations® crayons glide easily across the page and the colors are vibrant. It doesn't take a lot of pressure to make a colorful mark on the page, which makes Colorations® crayons easy for little hands to use. I also noticed that the crayons don’t stick to the paper, unlike some brands that did stick when the slightest pressure was exerted, breaking down the crayon more quickly. The biggest difference I found between Colorations® crayons and other brands is the price! The Colorations® Regular Crayons – 8 Colors, Set of 800 (#CRRGS) is only $39.95 compared to similar crayon packs from other brands priced around $63.00.

When all was said and done, my suspicion was confirmed: Colorations® crayons have the same great quality as other brands but are a much better value.

But don’t just take my word for it—find out for yourself. Your little ones will love using Colorations® crayons in their creative arts and crafts activities. And you get high-quality and affordable crayons!

Colorations® crayons come in five different sizes for every age. Chubby Crayons (CRCHB) are for ages 18 months to 3 years, while Colorations® Extra Large Crayons (CRXLG) are geared for ages 2-4 years. Our large crayons (CRL8 and CLBIGS) are for ages 3-5 years and our regular crayons (CRS8, CRS16, COOLPACK, CRRGS and CRRGSIXT) are for ages 5 and up. Colorations® Triangular Crayons (CLRTRI) are ideal for developing pre-writing skills and won’t roll off tables! Each size of easy-to hold crayons is perfect for young artists.

Colorations® crayons are AP certified and do not contain any of the following common allergens:

  • Latex
  • Dairy and casein
  • Egg
  • Gluten
  • Peanut and tree nut
  • Soy

Please check Discount School Supply to shop unbeatable values on our full selection of Colorations® products!