Artsy Parenting! Craft and Connect: Seed Suncatchers

Say hello to spring with these seed suncatchers.

This is what you’ll need:

Step 1 – Squeeze!

Give your child the glue and have him or her squeeze it into the plastic lid. Cover the entire surface of the lid.

Connect: This is a great project for kids who like to use all the glue, because they will actually be allowed to this time! Encourage kids to cover the entire area. Squeeze with the left hand, then the right hand, then both hands. Talk about which is easier.

Step 2 – Seeds!

Have your child place seeds in the glue.

Connect: If you use multiple types of seeds, present them in separate bowls. Large seeds can be placed by hand. Kids can sprinkle smaller seeds on using a spoon. Before you start the project, collect and dry seeds (like from an apple, lemon, or orange) to use.

Step 3 – Sparkle!

Decorate the suncatcher by sprinkling on glitter or by dabbing paint into the glue.

Connect: Kids can’t go wrong with this step. Try not to cringe as they insert the paintbrush into the glue or mash together all the seeds. Let them experiment with the colors and textures.

Step 4 – Sun Catch!

Let the glue dry for several days. When it is completely dry, pop it out of the plastic lid mold. Use a needle to thread a piece of yarn through the top and hang it in a window to welcome spring.

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