Father's Day Collage Cards

dadcards Create a decorative holiday ornament while reinforcing knowledge of geometric properties.


  • To create an original collage that is also a card
  • To make a special memento/keepsake for a loved one
  • To encourage creativity and fine motor skills

Before You Start: Gather Colorations® Heavyweight Construction Paper (12" x 18") in a variety of colors. Set out small bowls with glue or glue sticks, scissors, Colorations® markers and crayons, glitter, craft sand, pom-poms, foam shapes, stickers and other collage materials. Have old magazines, newspapers and/or catalogs also available for children to cut out pictures and/or words for their collages.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Provide each child with construction paper and have them fold in half so it resembles a card. Explain to children that they will be creating cards for their fathers (or uncles, grandfathers, friends they know.) The outside of the cards will be collages of pictures they draw or cut out from magazines and newspapers provided, words they write (or cut out) and any other items they'd like to decorate with. The teacher can help cut out materials or have pre-cut materials available for younger children.

Step 2. Allow children to decorate their cards any way they wish. As this is an open-ended activity, encourage the children to experiment with different colors, textures and mediums. Allow to dry.

Step 3. Now everyone has their own unique card to display around the classroom and to give as a gift.

Step 4. Optional: Have the children create a poem for Dad (or loved one) inside their cards. The teacher can help them by writing out prompts they can fill in or dictate such as, "My dad is special because…" or "I love you because…"

Furthermore: Teachers can also have children create their own "book covers" about their fathers/father figures! Have children give their "book" a title that relates to their dad, (who he is, what he likes or how they spend time together,) and then children can decorate them any way they like. Gather everyone at circle time and have take turns sharing their "books." Display around the classroom and/or give as gifts on Father's Day!

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