Recycled Bottle Flower Prints

bottleflowers A great activity that shows recycling can be fun and creative!


  • To foster creativity in using ordinary objects
  • To discover new ways of recycling old items

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: Plastic water or soda bottles in different sizes, paper, BioColor® or tempera paint, paint trays and paint brushes.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Set out different colors of paint on paint trays or paper plates.

Step 2. Take a plastic bottle and dip the bottom into one of the colors of paint. Now, press the bottom of the bottle onto the paper. Repeat using different colors and/or different sizes of water bottles.

Step 3. Using a paint brush, paint a stem onto each of the flowers.

Step 4. Paint additional details into your painting, such as grass, trees, clouds or more!

Furthermore: What other objects can be used in a new way as a method of recycling? Hold a class brainstorming session to help get everyone thinking about ways to reduce trash and save the planet!

Products You May Need: