Lucky Leprechaun Wands

luckywand These lucky wands are a simple and fun activity for any classroom.


  • To encourage fine motor development and hand-eye coordination
  • To promote creative expression and imaginative play

Before You Start:

Prepare ahead of time by cutting sets of 4, 6" hearts out of several green colors of construction paper or foam paper. If you have a die-cut machine it is much more efficient. You will need craft sticks, Colorations® Glitter Paint in green and/or gold, glue, scissors, ribbon and any other sparkles or decorative items.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Ask children to paint a craft stick with Colorations® Glitter Paint in green or gold.

Step 2. Glue four hearts on top to create a four-leaf clover.

Step 3. Decorate with gold and green curling ribbon dangling from the top, glitter and craft items.

Furthermore: Children will love playing with these cute little wands. They are great for music and movement at circle time with Scottish or Irish music.

Products You May Need: