Tissue Foil Shine

tissue This unique collage activity encourages children to create a scene or abstract.


  • To encourage creative thinking and problem solving
  • To develop sensory integration and coordination skills

Before You Start: Gather materials: foil, old magazines, tissue paper, BioColor® paint, paintbrushes, scissors, tag board (or cardboard) and tape. The teacher may want to pre-cut images ahead of time for younger children to use.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Cut a single object or image from a magazine. Cut or tear tissue paper into shapes and strips.

Step 2. In a small bowl mix BioColor® with a little water to thin. Paint onto shiny side of a piece of foil (at least letter size), and place magazine image on top. Paint over the image to adhere to foil.

Step 3. Add tissue shapes to background and paint over to adhere. Create a scene or an abstract, whichever you prefer. Leave some foil showing.

Step 4. Let dry. Fold edges back over a slightly smaller piece of cardboard or tagboard and tape down.

Furthermore: Have children draw their own image on paper instead of using one from a magazine. This will make results more abstract. You can also wrap the foil around picture frames or other 3-D objects in place of mounting on the tag board/cardboard. The final collage can also be used as a creative book cover.

Products You May Need: