Reusing Old Art Calendars

This activity uses old calendars to teach children about different artists and help them to see pictures and identify various items.


  • To help children learn about the works of famous artists
  • To have fun with scissors and glue while mounting pictures

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: construction paper, glue, scissors, and old calendars featuring pictures of paintings by famous artists. If you don't have any old calendars, you can print images of art from the Internet.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Take the old calendar(s) apart and separate all the pages.

Step 2. Have the children carefully cut out all of the pictures from the calendar. Don't forget the small pictures from the back page!

Step 3. Using glue, mount each picture onto a piece of construction paper that is slightly larger than the picture, creating a frame. Optional: Laminate or use clear cover on the smaller pictures for long-lasting durability.

Step 4. Pin up the 12 larger pictures around the room. Hold up one of the small pictures and have a child find the matching large picture. Each child should get a turn.

Furthermore: If you have multiple calendars by different artists, challenge the children to recognize which artist did each painting. As you do, help them recognize which traits are typical of an artist's style. For example, "Monet liked to paint water lilies, can you find a painting by Monet?" or "Vincent Van Gogh liked to paint sunflowers, can you find a painting by Van Gogh?" Show the children a lineup of several works by the same artist, with one work by a different artist mixed in. Then, ask the children to try to identify which painting doesn't belong with the others.

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