Craft and Connect: Picasso Turkeys

We’ve all seen turkeys made of pine cones and hand tracings. This Thanksgiving, why not step outside of the box and let kids get creative with their turkeys? Kids can explore art materials and design at their own pace with this open-ended turkey-stamping project.

This is what you’ll need:

Step 1 – Make Feathers

Cut the foam scraps into feather shapes, with a stem at one end and a pointed oval at the other end. Draw a line down the center of the feather. Ask your child to snip short, parallel cuts on either side of the line using scissors.

Connect: During this time, you can talk about how turkeys are birds, and birds have feathers to help them fly. Kids who are learning to count can count the number of snips they make.

Step 2 – Make Stamps

Using the carpet tape, stick the feathers to the jar lids or the sides of the cans or cups. Have kids coat the stamps with paint using the stamp pad and create a design on a sheet of paper. The jar-lid stamps can be pressed onto the paper. Stamps made from the cans or cups can be rolled onto the paper.

Connect: Talk about senses and movement during this step. Have your child feel the sticky tape. Use words like “push, press, and roll” to describe their actions when stamping. Encourage older children to create patterns or designs on their papers. Talk about overlap and which feathers appear to be in front of the others.

Step 3 – Add Character

Turn the feather prints into turkeys by adding beaks and eyes. Beaks can be cut from the yellow or orange construction paper and adhered with the carpet tape. Eyes can be added as the final touch.

Connect: Talk about perspective with older children. When you look at an animal from the front, you see both eyes. When you look from the side, you only see one. Encourage your child to create turkeys as though viewed from various perspectives as he adds the beaks and eyes.

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