Thankful Turkeys

thankful These terrific turkeys incorporate a lesson about Thanksgiving and giving thanks!


  • To learn about and practice expressing thankfulness
  • To encourage creativity and self expression

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: Construction paper in various colors, wiggly eyes, feathers, crayons, markers, any collage items you wish to add, glue and scissors.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Help children trace their hand on a sheet of construction paper, making sure to have them spread their fingers wide.

Step 2. Explain to the children that their thumbs will be the neck and head of their turkey and the other fingers will be its "feathers." Have them color and decorate their turkeys any way they like.

Step 3. Demonstrate to children how to cut feather-shaped pieces from the colored construction paper. Have them each cut several "feathers" using the different colors of construction paper.

Step 4. Talk to the children about the history of Thanksgiving and how the holiday is celebrated today. Ask the children what they are thankful for and have them write the names of the people, animals and other things they are thankful for on each feather. Help them with writing, if necessary.

Step 5. Have the children glue the "feathers" onto their turkeys. Add any additional collage materials if you wish to. Now everyone has their own unique Thankful Turkey to display around the classroom!

Furthermore: Construct a large classroom turkey to display in front of the entire class. Have the children each create a few "feathers" with messages of thanks to add to the turkey. Now you have a collective classroom Thankful Turkey!

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