Vibrant Fall Leaves

2190 Mix paint to celebrate and recreate bright, traditional fall colors.


  • To explore color mixing as seen with the changing season
  • To explore outside in the fall season

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: Red and yellow paint, various types and sizes of sponge brushes, white construction paper (or other art paper), Mod Podge®. Lead a nature walk outside to gather leaves and other assorted fall items, such as acorns. Provide the children with a small bag to use to collect their items.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Using the sponge brushes and the red and yellow paint, brush and dab the two colors onto a sheet of white construction paper. Blend and overlap the two colors over the paper.

Step 2. As you work, orange should begin to appear amongst the red and yellow as the colors mix.

Step 3. When you are finished painting the paper, take out the nature items that you collected. Glue a selection of nature items on your sheet of paper to create a collage of fall shapes and colors.

Step 4. When your collage is finished, spread a layer of Mod Podge® over the entire picture to maintain the vibrant colors. (This step is optional.)

Furthermore: While working, talk about the different items that were collected on the nature walk. Try to discuss and identify each item.

Products You May Need: