BioColor® Masks

biocolormasksThis unique mask-making project lets children enjoy process painting with a creative result; it is also a wonderful activity for Halloween! Goals:

  • To encourage creativity and fine motor skills
  • To create a fun mask that can be used for dramatic play

Before You Start: Gather all materials needed for masks: white paper, BioColor® paint, BioColor® scraper, feathers, rhinestones, glitter and other collage items.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Fold and crease paper in half.

Step 2. Unfold and drop dime-sized dots of BioColor® along center fold.

Step 3. Fold paper in half and use fingers to push BioColor® out from crease onto paper.

Step 4. Before unfolding, take a BioColor® Scraper and use its corner and edge to push down firmly on the paper, creating an eye, nose and mouth (or teeth) mark.

Step 5. Unfold. Dry.

Step 6. Cut around edges and add collage materials.

Furthermore: This mask is very versatile. Put on display or use for dramatic play time, Halloween costumes or a school play.

Products You May Need: