Fossil Footprints

fossil This activity uses puffy paint to make fossil-looking dinosaur footprints.


  • Practice fine motor skills, including painting and stamping
  • Create a sensory-filled, 3-dimensional piece of art

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: White glue, puffy paint in your choice of color, foaming shaving cream, mixing bowl, spoons or craft sticks, poster board, and a selection of dinosaur footprint stamps or any other kind of stamp available.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Spray shaving cream into mixing bowl. Add white glue and mix. This mixture should be 2 parts shaving cream, 1 part glue.

Step 2. Add paint to the mixture to give it color. Start with half a cup of puffy paint, and add more if necessary.

Step 3. If necessary, add more glue and shaving cream to maintain "puffiness."

Step 4. Provide each child with a sheet of poster board (cut to a smaller size, if you like). Drop a scoop of the paint mixture onto each sheet of poster board.

Step 5. Have the children gently spread the mixture over their poster board with a spoon or craft stick. Don't move it around too much, or it will lose its fluffiness.

Step 6. Give the children a variety of stamps and let them make dinosaur tracks. Or, they can carefully draw in the puffy paint with their fingers. When the paint dries, the tracks will look like they have dried in the mud!

Furthermore: Read a book about dinosaurs and the scientists who find and dig up real fossils!

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