Ocean in a Bottle

oceanbottle A great project for little hands that is also perfect for Earth Day!


  • To create a colorful model of the ocean using recycled materials
  • To demonstrate cause and effect

Before You Start: Recycle a clear plastic bottle (a water bottle or 2-liter bottle will work well) and assemble other items needed for activity: Liquid Watercolor™, BioColor® Shimmer Powder, tacky glue or masking tape, self-adhesive foam shapes or craft foam, marker and scissors. You may need to use warm water to gently remove the label from the bottle ahead of time.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Fill a water bottle with water. Add a few squirts of Colorations® Liquid Watercolor, and then add approximately 1 tsp of BioColor® Shimmer Powder.

Step 2. Close bottle and shake.

Step 3. Seal cap onto bottle using tacky glue or masking tape.

Step 4. To add decoration, cut shapes from self-adhesive art foam and stick on bottle. You can use a marker to add details on the foam.

Furthermore: This project illustrates the fluid quality of water in motion and is fun to watch! Create larger "oceans" by using a 2-liter bottle instead. Make a few different bottles and place in the window. Use silver powder with "cool colors" and gold shimmer powder with "warm colors."

Products You May Need: