Earth Lanterns

earthlanterns Make light and airy "globes" to decorate your space for Earth Day!


  • To create a unique, 3-dimensional art project
  • To demonstrate cause and effect

Before You Start: Gather all materials needed for the project: Liquid Watercolor™ Lanterns, Liquid Watercolor™, spray bottles or brushes, tempera paint, construction paper (optional) and glue (optional). You may want to lay down a cloth or newspaper to protect areas from the paint. Note: do not over saturate the lanterns when painting.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Assemble the paper lantern according to the instructions included.

Step 2. Have the children use a spray bottle to paint the lantern blue or turquoise. Encourage them to use a light touch with the spraying (not too wet!). Let dry.

Step 3. Paint continents with green tempera paint, or, for younger children, let them glue on green construction paper shapes.

Step 4. When dry, display them! Hang them up with string or clip them to an indoor clothesline.

Step 5. The globes don't have to look exactly like our Earth; they can be fanciful. In fact, you can change this project to make all sorts of planets and pretend worlds!

Furthermore: These lanterns can also be created to celebrate other holidays and occasions, such as Chinese New Year or even a camp or birthday party activity.

Products You May Need: