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Grant Name:  Annual Competitive Book Donation Program

Funded by:  Roads to Reading

Description:  The Annual Competitive Book Donation Program is designed to donate books to literacy programming in small and rural communities only. The organizational budget limit to be eligible is currently set at $150,000.00 annually. The community where the organization is located must be an underserved community. It is not enough to have a certain number of families within a community that are under served to qualify. The population where the organization is located must be under 50,000. All programs must have a strong focus on remedial reading programming or a tutoring component as part of the program. Books for bok bags programs, mobile libraries, gifts and give-a-ways, events or book club requests will not be granted through the Annual Donation program. In addition, School Districts, Lead Agencies or umbrella agencies may not apply for donations. Each site within group agencies or districts must apply for donations separately. The books that are available through this program are appropriate for ages 6 months to young adult. Books in this program are available in hard and soft cover. Currently all books in this program are available in English only. Our organization will only entertain requests for books from organizations that are located within the United States and the books must be for use in the United States.

Program Areas:  After-School, Library, Reading

Recipients:  Public School, Private School, Other

Proposal Deadline:  3/30/12


Availability:  All States