Personalized Deer

personalized Make wonderful keepsakes or gifts with minimal cost!


  • To create a fun, inexpensive seasonal craft
  • To let children explore the sense of touch through art

Before You Start: Gather your materials: paper plates, plain white cloth kitchen towels, brown and black washable finger paint, baby wipes and paper towels (red washable finger paint and glitter optional). Pour an ample amount of paint onto the plates to provide easy access for painting hands and feet. You may want to cover the floor and/or work surface to protect from paint.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Set up all materials onto the floor or a low work surface. Have children remove one of their shoes, and give each child their own plain towel.

Step 2. Let one child at a time step into the brown paint with their bare foot and slowly step onto their kitchen towel to make a foot print for the deer’s head. Help them clean their foot using the baby wipes and/or paper towels.

Step 3. Have children place one hand at a time in the brown paint, palm side down. They can then place one hand on to the top left side of their foot print to create one antler and repeat with on other side to make the other antler. (The children may overlap their handprints and paint on top of the toes – allow them to be creative any way they like. Allow the prints to dry completely.

Step 4. Children can return to paint one of their thumbs black and paint eyes and a nose on their deer/reindeer. If they are creating a reindeer, then have them paint one thumb red to make nose and sprinkle with glitter.

Furthermore: This is a great craft for winter and the holiday season. Children can personalize their deer/reindeer any way they like and use for gifts or as a keepsake. The deer can also be printed on canvas quilt squares, tote bags or other pieces of fabric. You may also provide other collage items for children to further decorate their deer.

Products You May Need: