Wrapping Paper Collage

wrapping Use fun and varied wrapping papers to help little ones practice beginning scissor, cutting and pasting skills!


  • To encourage decision making skills
  • To build beginning scissor skills and practice pasting/gluing
  • To encourage communication between children and conversation about likes/dislikes of shapes, characters and other aspects of the project

Before You Start: Gather a variety of wrapping paper scraps (the teacher may request students to brings some in from home) in different patterns and sizes, construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, glue bottles or pens and other adhesives. Set out additional art materials, such as markers, crayons and collage items.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the children put their names on the back of their construction paper. Allow them to search for a wrapping paper scrap or cut-out in a pattern that they like, and begin to cut the shapes and symbols out for their papers.

Step 2. Let children glue their cut pieces of wrapping paper to their construction paper in a collage any way they wish.

Step 3. Encourage students to add words, drawings, or additional personal touches to their pages to extend their creativity.

Step 4. Display around the room for everyone to see.

Furthermore: Popular character wrapping papers are a favorite among children. Holiday-specific wrapping papers are fun for the holiday season. Graphic wrapping paper makes great looking artistic paper collages. This activity can definitely be left out for free-play/open-ended art with a group of children who are old enough to self-direct and use scissors by themselves.

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