Holiday Wreaths

holidaywreaths This is a fun, easy, hands-on (and messy) experience for preschoolers.


  • To create a holiday gift children can take home and give to their loved ones
  • To teach children the fun of messy fun in their creations

Before You Start: You will need shredded wheat cereal, green Liquid Watercolor™ mixed with white glue, ornament hooks, small lids such as from margarine tubs, small plastic bowls, wax paper, red-hot candies or red beads, clear varnish and red bows. You also may want to have handy wipes or wet paper towels on hand for quick clean up of sticky fingers!

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Assist children in shredding the wheat cereal into a small bowl or on wax paper until it resembles sticks.

Step 2. Help them add their prepared green glue to the shredded wheat until it is covered completely but not runny.

Step 3. Ask the children to scoop approximately 1/3 cup onto margarine lid.

Step 4. Using their fingers, instruct children to form an "O" shape.

Step 5. Place ornament hook into top back of wreath.

Step 6. Add red-hot candies or beads as berries.

Step 7. Allow wreath to dry thoroughly 2-3 days on wax paper until rock hard.

Furthermore: Teacher will need to varnish with clear gloss and add a red satin bow as desired for great take home gifts for children!

Products You May Need: