Winter Snowflakes

snowflakes Create a translucent snowflake to decorate windows or as a Christmas tree ornament children can give as a gift.


  • To help develop fine motor skills
  • To satisfy children's need to design something unique

Before You Start: You will need white glue, wax paper and "snow" (i.e. opal glitter) and pipe cleaners or string for hanging.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Place the wax paper on a table, you can pretrace the design or let children be creative and make their own snowflakes.

Step 2. Help children trace their line with a thick amount of glue.

Step 3. Sprinkle "snow" and let set overnight.

Step 4. The snowflake should be dry enough to lift off the wax paper and hang on a string or pipe cleaner to decorate on a Christmas tree or hang by the window.

Furthermore: This project is fun and easy and creates a great "take-home" gift around the holidays!

Products You May Need: