Angeles® Sinks Are So Versatile!

I’m Judy Short, an education consultant in the state of Georgia for Discount School Supply®. I’ve been with Discount School Supply® for 13 years and taught preschool for about 10 years before that. It’s important to me to keep current on child care rules and regulations and industry standards.

I recently attended a child care licensing orientation meeting in Atlanta, GA. The 35 attendees were there to learn about opening a child care center. And although it was not an in-depth meeting about rules and regulations, some rules were touched on briefly.

One that stood out in my mind was the rule about washing hands. Although the rule had not changed, it was a bit different. When I taught many years ago, washing hands was important in my preschool class before and after art, eating a snack or playing outside. Soap and water was used, however, there was no hot water allowed in the classroom. And of course we all are familiar with the rule about how long to wash hands; to the tune of "Happy Birthday" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." The difference in the rule is the requirement for hot water.

One of my customers is a preschool classroom, which is a lab school in a high school setting. Washing with warm soapy water is required immediately before entering the lunch room. For those preschoolers in a high school environment, the lunch room is down long halls and through many doors. And of course a child-sized sink in a high school bathroom is unthinkable!

Another modification to the rules is with infants. No longer are towlettes or hand wipes acceptable for washing the infant’s hands after a diaper change. Warm soapy water is required.

Many facilities such as older schools, smaller churches are not equipped with hot water or even sinks in the classrooms. Expensive plumbing is not an option in most cases.

New products are introduced daily in the early childhood industry. The newest product available to help make the required rules accessible to your facility is the Angeles® Lil' Portable Hot Water Sink (LILPREM).

Angeles® makes a variety of portable sinks to fit the need of any child care facility. There are teacher-sized sinks, child-sized sinks, double sinks, each with its own fresh water supply and waste water tank. There’s even a Portable Hygienic Changing Table (KIDDIE). All of these products have scald free hot and cold running water and best of all they come assembled! No expensive plumbing is required. Accessories include Slip Resistant Risers (LILSTEP) and EZ Flow™ Water Sensor (SENSOR) for hands-free washing.

There’s also an EZ Fill-N-Roll™ Kit (ROLLDOLLT)which makes refilling and transferring water easier. No heavy lifting with the adaptable hose and easy-to-roll dolly.

The preschool inside the high school facility I mentioned earlier installed a single preschool hot water sink(LILPREM) with an ABS Top and Basin right next to the cafeteria. And by installing, I mean they took it out of the box and plugged it in! Now they meet the requirements for washing hands immediately before lunch. And don’t forget the sinks are portable. If you need to change the location, just unplug and roll to the next location!

Watch our video for more information!