Symmetrical Ghosts

ghosts Help students discover symmetry and printmaking while creating ghosts for the fall classroom.


  • To introduce visual elements, such as symmetry, in various art forms
  • To encourage creativity and imagination
  • To make a fun craft for Halloween and fall

Before You Start: Gather your materials: dark colored construction paper (glitter paper works nicely), white BioColor® paint, and small circular stickers. Optional: markers and Nancy™ bottles prefilled with BioColor® paint.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Demonstrate how to fold a piece of construction paper in half, like a hot-dog bun. Give children each a piece of construction paper, and have them fold their own similarly.

Step 2. Have them open up their papers and drizzle white paint on one half of the inside. (Nancy™ bottles pre-filled with paint make it easy for the children to do this themselves with minimal mess.)

Step 3. Have them fold their papers again and press on top with their fingers out toward the edges to spread the paint. You may want to have the children press further out from one section of the fold to create the look of arms when the sheet is opened.

Step 4. Let them open them up and see their ghosts! This is a great opportunity to talk with the children about the concept of symmetry, as they can see the sides of their ghosts are the same. The teacher may also decide to discuss other aspects of visual elements in art if he or she chooses. Then, set ghosts aside to dry.

Step 5. Once the paint is completely dry, they can decorate with the stickers for the eyes and mouth. Display ghosts around the room as a Halloween/fall decoration.

Furthermore: You can use metallic, paper hole protectors for the eyes and mouth or the children can draw them on with markers or crayons. Compare the different sizes and shapes of the ghosts.

Products You May Need: