Crazy Chameleon

chameleon Children can create their own original chameleon crafts!


  • To introduce chameleons and how they change color to match their surroundings
  • To creatively explore the use of colors

Before You Start: Teachers may find it helpful to read a story about chameleons, such as A Color of His Own, by Leo Lionni, beforehand to introduce them to children. Gather materials needed: small box with a lid, 3 marbles placed in cups of 3 different colors of paint, markers and crayons, wiggly eyes, glue, tape, scissors and construction paper.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Talk with the children about chameleons and how they change color to match their surroundings. Have them guess all the different colors the chameleon will change.

Step 2. Hand out construction paper to each child, instructing them to draw a place for their chameleon to live.

Step 3. Next, have the children draw a chameleon on a separate piece of paper. Show them a picture, if you have not done so already, as an example. Have them cut out their chameleons (helping as needed).

Step 4. Allow one child at a time to tape their paper chameleon inside the small box, spoon the three painted marbles into the box, close the lid and shake it up.

Step 5. When they are finished shaking the box, the child can take out the chameleon and glue it onto the paper with the habitat they created for it.

Step 6. Let the children decorate their chameleons with wiggly eyes and markers, if desired.

Furthermore: Children can extend this activity by sharing information about their chameleon – its favorite color, its name, etc.

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