Vocabulary Tree

tree Add word-leaves to this tree and watch the tree and their vocabulary grow!


  • To encourage beginning reading skills
  • To enhance and expand vocabulary in a fun way
  • To demonstrate the different seasons of the year, particularly the changing leaves in the fall season

Before You Start: Gather your materials: brown cardboard or bulletin board paper for the trunk and branches, green construction paper for the leaves, scissors, tape and markers. For younger children, you may want to pre-cut the leaves beforehand.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Cut out a tree trunk and branches from the cardboard or bulletin board paper and attach this to a wall.

Step 2. Give children scissors and green construction paper. Have them cut leaves out for the tree and write different vocabulary words on them. (Or, take the precut leaves, and write the words on them for the younger children.)

Step 3. Next, let the children pick where their leaves should be on the tree, and have them stick it on.

Step 4. After all the words/leaves are on the tree the children can admire and practice their words. Have them create new leaves with words each time you have a new vocabulary lesson.

Step 5. You can also add fruit to the tree as it continues to grow. When they can read a whole branch of words, allow them to pick the fruit off the tree. In the fall, the leaves can turn orange, red and yellow. In the winter you can remove the leaves and have the children add snowballs with words on them instead.

Step 6. One simple project can be on going all year long. And, children will be learning words so well you can be sure to be taping up extra branches!

Furthermore: Come spring, you may also add a bird's nest, complete with birds, to demonstrate all the new growth of the season. This idea provides a vast amount of learning opportunities and memories. An added bonus for children is being able to watch the tree "grow" as their vocabulary does!

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