Boards and Bugs

bugs Children can discover bugs and then paint replicas of them!


  • To learn about various bugs and their habitats
  • To draw bugs and label their parts

Before You Start: Check your weather forecast and plan to do this activity after an evening rain. Gather materials needed: a wide board or log, approximately 3-4 feet long, a plastic or glass container with holes in the lids, to collect bugs, paints, markers, paintbrushes, construction paper or card stock and a ruler.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. After a rain shower one evening, lay your board in a shady spot in the yard. (Optional: wet an area of the yard with a water hose).

Step 2. The next morning, have children carefully lift the board or log to see what bugs have decided to make this spot their new home. If possible, have them collect the bugs in the container, to be kept only long enough to draw their replicas.

Step 3. Bring the collected bugs inside to your art table and have children draw a replica of one (or more) of the bugs found. Let them color the bug drawings as their imagination allows.

Step 4. Using the internet or textbook, have the child determine what kind of bug(s) they have found. Talk about the different types of bugs they collected. Then have the children label the different parts of the bug(s) by drawing straight lines with a ruler to each part.

Step 5. Hang their new masterpieces for everyone to see!

Furthermore: Be sure to supervise the bug collecting session to make sure no poisonous bugs or spiders are inadvertently collected. Talk to the children about the habitats of the bugs they found and why they would choose to make their home under that board or log.

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