Handprint Rainbow

rainbow A fun activity for introducing primary colors!


  • To encourage creativity with a fun arts and crafts project
  • To introduce primary colors
  • To demonstrate similarities and differences in the size and shape of hands

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: variety of paints, paint trays, large piece of white bulletin board paper or butcher paper, and gloves (optional). You may want to put paints onto the trays beforehand for the children to easily be able to dip their hands for painting. Draw a simple outline of a rainbow onto the paper to use as a guide for when children are ready to place their hand prints onto the paper.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Ask the children, "Who would like to make a rainbow with their hand print?"

Step 2. Ask each child what color they would like their hand print to be. Have them put their hands out, fingers spread, and let them dip their hands into the color of their choice.

Step 3. Have them place their hands onto the row of their color choice. Allow children to try more than one color until the rainbow is full of hand prints.

Step 4. Once the rainbow is dry, discuss the similarities and differences in size and shape of everyone's hands. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how we are alike and unique at the same time.

Furthermore: You may also have children make hand prints in a circle to illustrate a color wheel or you could have them mix paint colors to demonstrate secondary colors.

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