Edible Ladybug

ladybug Children can make their own edible ladybug using a few common foods.


  • To introduce ladybugs with an edible snack
  • To encourage fine motor skills and imagination

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: apples, peanut butter, raisins, small pretzel sticks, grapes, plastic spoons, small bowls and paper plates. Pre-wash and dry all fruit and cut the apples in half. Place the grapes and raisins in small bowls for easy accessibility, and set out all food items on a table for children to easily reach them. Create a edible ladybug to show the children as an example.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child a paper plate and half an apple. Show the children an example of a ladybug that you have previously assembled. You may take the opportunity at this time to discuss ladybugs, particularly if the children have not seen one before. (Show a photo(s) of ladybugs if applicable.)

Step 2. Allow children to create their own ladybugs as they wish with the materials provided. Younger children may need assistance and/or a demonstration of how to assemble their ladybugs.

Furthermore: You can transition this activity into a science lesson about bugs and insects, garden activities, or you may choose to do a circle time activity with books or music about ladybugs and how things grow. This could also be a great activity before taking a field trip to visit a local farm.

Products You May Need: