Washable Sidewalk Chalk

sidewalkchalk A springtime favorite! Go outdoors to make your own bright, bold sidewalk chalk with BioColor®.


  • To encourage creativity
  • To promote color recognition
  • To teach cause and effect through creative arts

Before You Start: You will need Plaster of Paris, Biocolor® paints in various colors and glitter. Additionally, you will need a muffin pan and mixing bowls.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Combine two parts plaster of Paris to one part BioColor® paint in a bowl and stir until the consistency is that of cake frosting, adding more Plaster of Paris if needed.

Step 2. Spoon mixture into small, waxed cups or non-stick muffin tins immediately after mixing.

Step 3. The mixture will dry within minutes, but allow chalk to set overnight before use.

Step 4. Remove from container and watch the fun begin!

Furthermore: You might also want to add glitter to produce a shimmering effect. Swirling colors will result in a marbling effect, and layering colors will produce a striped-chalk effect. You can also consider using ready-made sidewalk chalk if you don't have the time to make it yourself.

Products You May Need: