painting Engage children in a creative, open-ended exploration of color, shape and paint!


  • To provide an opportunity for exploration of materials
  • To encourage creative self-expression and imagination

Before You Start: Gather materials: BioColor® paint, paintbrushes, Nancy™ bottles, bingo bottles, paint cups, easels and easel paper. You may want to pre-fill the bingo and Nancy™ bottles ahead of time with paint, and provide a few small cups with water for thinning paint.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. BioColor® can appear either dark or light, depending upon how thickly it is applied.

Step 2. Use with paint cups for easel painting.

Step 3. Thin with water for a colorful pastel water-color effect!

Step 4. Use Nancy™ Bottles or Bingo Bottles to apply BioColor® to any surface, then manipulate with a brush, Plastic Paste Brushes, Scraper or other tools to create different textures.

Furthermore: Encourage children to create different textures in their art with foam rollers, sponges, stampers, a paint scraper or their fingers. Hang artwork on display.

Products You May Need: