Nature Window

naturewindow Celebrate nature and decorate your space!


  • To explore items in nature
  • To create a unique collage with natural items

Before You Start: Set out the items collected from the nature walk, repositionable clear cover, construction paper, glue and scissors. Gather yarn and a craft stick or wooden rod (optional).

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Show some examples of the things you'd like the children to look for on their walk: small flowers, leaves, etc. Discourage them from choosing sticks or thick items (pinecones, etc) – explain that flat things will work better for your project.

Step 2. Take your group on a nature walk. Encourage them to gather interesting items, such as single petals, a dropped spray of pine needles, etc.

Step 3. Place in front of each child one sheet of clear, self-adhesive paper, sticky side up. Allow the children to place flowers and other items and arrange them as they'd like.

Step 4. "Sandwich" the cover with another piece, side down. It's best if an adult does this.

Step 5. Trim any excess if needed. Glue on a piece of construction paper as a backing.

Step 6. Use as a place mat or as a hanging nature window! For a hanging window, use a hole punch to create holes across the top of the construction paper back. Alternate winding a piece of yarn around a craft stick or a wooden rod and threading the yarn through the holes you've created in the paper. (Younger ones may need some assistance with this.) Tie the ends together and hang on display.

Furthermore: You can use the sandwiching technique with many other items! "Capture" and display pieces of colored paper, glitter, sand, etc.

Products You May Need: