Eco-Friendly Pencil Cups

ecopencil This great craft reuses empty food cans to make a personalized pencil organizer!


  • To create a craft from reusable materials
  • To reduce household waste and introduce environmental awareness
  • To develop fine motor and organization skills

Before You Start: Gather materials needed for activity: clean, empty food cans; glue sticks and/or craft glue; old magazines and newspapers; remnants of construction paper; scissors and decorative items, such as buttons, stickers, glitter, rhinestones, yarn, rick rack, fabric pieces and other collage materials. You may want to cut small pieces of the newspapers and magazines for children to use ahead of time.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child their own empty can. Take the opportunity to discuss with the children the concept of recycling and reusing items to help reduce waste.

Step 2. Have the children put glue on their cans as they put pieces of paper on them. Have them cover the entire can any way they like.

Step 3. Let children continue to decorate their cans with the buttons, stickers and other collage items.

Step 4. Place pencils in the containers and put on display.

Furthermore: Children can also place other items in their cans, such as paper clips, pens and glue sticks. It is a great opportunity to incorporate a lesson about organization and sorting. The pencil cups also make great gifts for moms, dads, teachers and loved ones.

Products You May Need: