Make a Puzzle

makeapuzzle Children will love decorating a puzzle and then challenging their friends and parents to piece it back together.


  • To build fine motor skills
  • To encourage creativity and cooperation

Before You Start: Gather materials needed for the activity: blank puzzles, BioColor® paint, paintbrushes and paint scrapers. You may want to lay newspaper on the work surface to protect from paint.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Paint a bright design on the surface of an assembled Blank Puzzle.

Step 2. Dry flat.

Step 3. When dry, brush a thick coat of black BioColor® paint (or another dark color) on top of the bright design.

Step 4. While wet, have children scrape out a design or picture using a Plastic Paint Scraper.

Step 5. Allow time for puzzle to dry. Once dry, take it apart, and have fun putting it back together.

Furthermore: Try recycling cardboard boxes from home for this project. Draw the outline of your puzzle first onto cardboard, and then draw the lines of the pieces. Color your puzzles with any design you like, allow them to dry, and cut out pieces. Take turns or work together to assemble your puzzles.

Products You May Need: