Daily Math Facts Bracelets

mathfacts These bracelets are a great hands-on way to learn math facts.


  • To teach beginning addition and subtraction
  • To have fun learning math skills with a creative activity

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: pipe cleaners, animal beads or other colorful beads for stringing. Be sure to use beads that have a large enough hole for stringing on a pipe cleaner. Prepare your addition (or subtraction) math problem/fact of the day and write on a white board or chalkboard for the class to see. The teacher may also use math flashcards on the board to display the fact/problem of the day.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child a pipe cleaner and the correct amount of beads they need to solve the math problem/fact you have prepared for the day.

Step 2. Point to your math problem/fact on the board. Say the problem out loud, for example: 2 + 5 = 7.

Step 3. Have the children count out the first number of beads, and string on their pipe cleaner. (In this example it would be 2 beads.)

Step 4. Have the children count the second number of beads, and string on their pipe cleaner. (In this example it would be 5 beads.) Ask them to leave a space in between the two sets of beads temporarily.

Step 5. Next, have the children push the beads together as they count the beads, and then say the math fact out loud. ("Two plus five equals seven" for 2 + 5 = 7)

Step 6. Have the children fit the pipe cleaner around their wrist and twist to secure. Be sure to have them twist the ends in a way that prevents them getting scraped by the pipe cleaner.

Step 7. Now children have a bracelet they can display all day that will remind them of their math fact!

Furthermore: This is a great way for children to learn basic math skills in a hands-on manner. This activity can also be done with children at home using flashcards or dice to display the addition or subtraction fact.

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