I'm Special Sunflowers

specialsunflowers These cheerful sunflowers are a simple fall-themed craft that celebrate each child's individuality.


  • To have fun creating a original fall craft
  • To encourage creative expression through art
  • To educate children about fingerprints and their uniqueness

Before You Start: Collect (or have children bring from home) small paper plates to use as the base for the sunflowers. Set out Colorations® black and brown paint on paint trays so children can easily dip their hands into for finger-painting. Provide yellow and/or orange construction paper, scissors and pencils, tape, green pipe cleaners and small bowls of glue.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Talk to the children about fingerprints and their uniqueness. This is also a great opportunity for discussion about the personal traits and characteristics that make each of us special.

Step 2. Have children dip their fingers one at a time into the paint and make fingerprints in the center of their paper plate. Repeat until the entire center is mostly covered with the paint. Encourage the children to use different fingers and to "print" them at different angles.

Step 3. While the paint dries, have the children trace their hand prints onto the yellow and/or orange construction paper. They will need 6-9 hand prints (depending on the size of their hands) for the petals of their sunflowers.

Step 4. Help the children cut their "petals" and glue around the outside of the plates. Petals can overlap to make the sunflowers appear more full.

Step 5. Tape a pipe cleaner to the back of the sunflower for a stem.

Step 6. Now everyone has their own one-of-a-kind sunflower to display in the classroom for autumn!

Furthermore: Turn this craft into an opportunity for scientific exploration. Gather some small magnifying glasses and have children look at their fingerprints up-close. Talk about what kinds of patterns they see. The children can compare and contrast their finger-prints with each other or record their observations in a personal notebook. Alternatively, continue the discussion about the ways people are unique. Have children write the different traits they think are special about themselves on the petals of their sunflowers.

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