Icicle Paint

iciclepaint It’s like drawing with three different mediums!


  • To demonstrate how liquids become solids
  • To develop color and shape recognition
  • To encourage creativity and sensory fun

Before You Start: Gather clean, empty ice trays, BioColor® paint, construction paper and craft sticks.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Fill an ice-cube tray with BioColor®, cover with foil.

Step 2. Insert a craft stick into each cube and freeze.

Step 3. When completely frozen, BioColor® draws like chalk.

Step 4. As it softens, the effect is as a crayon and then like paint.

Step 5. A great way to demonstrate solids becoming liquids.

Step 6. Variation: Layer several colors of BioColor® for a "striper crayon" effect.

Furthermore: This is a great way to integrate science into a fun and easy art activity. You can also try painting the bottom of your foot and print it. Or, have children create a group mural on butcher paper using the icicle paints. This is especially fun on a hot day when you can take the painting outside. When the icicle paints melt, make more pictures using it as finger paint.

Products You May Need: