Letter Crafts

lettercrafts Help children recognize letters and their sounds with a fun foam activity!


  • To promote letter and letter sound recognition
  • To encourage beginning reading skills

Before You Start: Gather 9" x 12" craft foam sheets, scissors and glue. You will also need a computer, printer, paper and, possibly, internet access. Use the foam sheets to cut out letters from the alphabet or the entire alphabet, depending on the size of your class. You will need one letter for each child. Letters should be large enough to glue several small pictures to them. Using clipart or Web images on your computer, locate 6-8 pictures of items that start with each letter of the alphabet. Resize each image to approximately 1"-2"Sq. and save on a separate word document for each letter. Print a colored copy of each document to use for the activity. Note: if you have more children in your class than 26, you may need to print additional sheets for certain letters or partner children together.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child a foam letter cutout, a page of images that start with that letter, scissors and glue.

Step 2. Help the children, as needed, to cut the images out and glue on their foam letters.

Step 3. Ask the children to tell you what the different pictures are, the sound out the first letter in the word for that image (for example: b b ball) and relate it to the letter they are working with.

Step 4. When the children have finished gluing the pictures on their letters, hang each letter on the wall for the children to see. Continue with letter sounds and recognition for each one.

Furthermore: Instead of clipart or Web images, use familiar things like quarters, pennies, Q-tips, cotton balls, or other common items children will recognize. You may also have the children search for items in magazines or newspapers that begin with the same foam letter they were working with to extend the activity.

Products You May Need: