Tube Sock Snowmen

Tube Sock Snowmen A great winter activity when the weather keeps everyone cooped up inside!


  • To teach measuring and hand-eye coordination
  • To create a fun, winter craft and toy

Before You Start: Collect clean, white tube socks you are no longer using, materials for stuffing (this can include small beads, batting, crumpled plastic bags, craft sand, dried beans, rice and more), scoops or small cups for measuring, rubber bands, yarn or twist ties. You will also need permanent markers, wiggly eyes and other decorative items, such as pom-poms, buttons, felt and ribbon.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Fill a tube sock about 1/3 full with your stuffing materials and secure with a rubber band, small twist tie, yarn, or another tie of your choice. This will be the base of the snowman. If you choose to use lightweight filler, such as batting or small beads, you may want to fill a small plastic baggie with sand (or something else with weight) and place in this base, so the snowman will be better able to stand upright.

Step 2. Repeat Step 1 until the sock has three sections, making each one progressively smaller than the section below it.

Step 3. Fold top of sock down over the last rubber band (or tie) to create a hat for the snowman.

Step 4. Decorate with permanent markers and other craft materials.

Step 5. Display for the holiday season!

Furthermore: These little snowmen make great decorations for wintertime and are to fun for children to play with when they are done decorating. Have the children create their own original story about their new snowmen friends. The snowmen can even be used in a tossing game, since the materials you use makes them similar to beanbag toys. Use the counting or measurement of the stuffing materials as a math activity as well.

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