Reindeer Gift Bag


An easy-to-make holiday gift bag that kids are sure to have fun with!


  • To encourage creativity
  • To reinforce fine motor skills
  • To create fun gift bags with a holiday theme

Before You Start:
You will need craft paper bags with handles, brown felt, red felt (or a red pom pom), brown pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, scissors, craft glue, and a decorative bow. You will also need an assortment of craft items for decorating the bags, such as glitter, sequins, metallic markers, etc.

Let's Get Started!
Step 1.
First, cut out two oval shapes from the brown felt pieces to make the reindeer head. Then, cut out reindeer ears and mouth. Shapes can vary; use your imagination! You can show the children your finished bag as an example, but encourage them to create their own unique shapes.

Step 2.
Overlap the two oval shapes (as shown in photo) to create the reindeer's head. Glue in place.

Step 3.
Glue on ears, wiggly eyes, and mouth.

Step 4.
Bend pipe cleaners to create antlers. Glue antlers on top of reindeer head.

Step 5.
Then, glue the red pom pom onto the reindeer for the nose.

Step 6.
Next, tie the ribbon into a bow and glue in place for the reindeer's "bowtie."

Step 7.
Finally, you can also encourage the children to decorate the rest of their bags with glitter, metallic markers, beads, sequins, and other craft items to give them a more festive appearance!

You can fill the gift bags with fun holiday sweet treats, such as candy canes, cookies, chocolate, or baked goods. Or, fill with holiday trinkets, special ornaments, or unique keepsakes for loved ones.

Products You May Need: