Puzzle Piece Christmas Wreath

puzzlewreath A quick and easy Christmas craft to celebrate the holiday season!


  • To strengthen fine motor skills

Before You Start: You will need a set of blank puzzle pieces (or a old puzzle you would like to recycle), green activity paint, scissors, green cardstock or construction paper (measuring 8-1/2" x 11"), ribbons, sequins, and glue. If you have other holiday decorations like holly berries or other small craft items, you can use these to decorate the wreath as well.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Take a puzzle piece and paint one with green paint. Encourage the children to take a few pieces each and to start painting the pieces green.

Step 2. Allow the pieces to dry, and cut a doughnut shape out of the cardstock.

Step 3. After the pieces have dried, have the children glue the painted puzzle pieces onto the cardstock doughnut.

Step 4. Allow the children to use sequins or other decorative craft items to decorate the wreaths.

Step 5. Tie a bow in the ribbon and glue it onto the top of the wreath.

Furthermore: Proudly display your wreath!

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