Giant Apple Tree

appletree Make an apple tree that's bigger than your preschoolers!


  • To develop fine and gross motor skills with large and small scale painting
  • To work together on a group art project
  • To learn where apples come from and how they grow

Before You Start: Prepare your materials: three pieces of large white poster paper (it should be of a nice thickness so as not to buckle after the paint is applied), tubs or cups of paint (including green, yellow, red and brown), large paintbrushes, construction paper, paint sponges, black marker, adhesive to attach apples to tree and newspaper to prevent mess. Sequins and glitter are optional.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child a few sheets of construction paper. Have the children draw apples on their paper. Then they can paint them. Let them choose the color they want and talk about the different colors and types of apples. Decorate the apples with glitter and sequin leaves (optional).

Step 2. While children are painting their apples, prepare the tree for the second part of the activity. Draw a large cloud shape on two of the large sheets of poster paper. On the third one, draw the outline of a tree trunk. Hang the posters on the wall and place newspaper and tubs of paint underneath.

Step 3. While their apples dry, have the children paint the cloud shapes green; you can provide them with different shades of green and even some yellow, so they can experiment with color blending.

Step 4. Have the children sponge paint the trunk with brown, using different shades to achieve a nice texture.

Step 5. Once the paint is dry on everything, the children can cut out their apples (with assistance if necessary) and you can cut out the tree trunk and cloud shapes.

Step 6. Put up the tree trunk and the two green cloud shapes up on top on a wall or bulletin board where children can reach. Have the children help with this part and 'hold' the tree up for you.

Step 7. Apply adhesive to the backs of the children's apples, and let them place their apples on the tree themselves.

Furthermore: This is a great activity to teach children where their food comes from. Talk about apples as you complete the project, what colors they come in, where they grow and how they end up in the supermarket! To make the tree more realistic, you could even have the class decide as a group what color all of the apples should be, maybe have a vote. Depending on how many children are in your group or class you may find it necessary to break them into groups when painting the posters.

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